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    thanks alot merry chistmast and happy new year
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    How To Play: Golden Goblins have been released into the lands of Kanturu, Aida, Tarkan, Karutan and Acheron. When defeated, these creatures may drop a Book of Invocation that will summon other Golden Monsters. This includes the Golden Tantalose, Golden Erohim, Golden Hell Maine and Golden Kundun.
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    I'll do it today, just need some testing, ty
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    Game Commands /offtrade - Sell Store items while offline. - Offtrade currency is Wcoins - If you are in party, you can't go in /offtrade /prop <name> - Marry in davias church 14,25 | 15,25 /accept - Accepts when someone offers to marry you. /teleport - Trace to your wife / husband. Doesnt work if one of you is a Killer. /divorce - Removes your marriage /post - Post a message to all in game /gpost - Post a global message /addstr /addagi /addvit /addene /addcmd - Add stats in game /dcfriend <name> <password> - Disconnect friend if you know their password /charinfo - Check your character info /crew - Displays online Admins and GM /trade - Make a trade /party - Form a party /guild - Join a guild /war <guild name> - Request a war with a guild /endwar <opponent_guild_name> - Force stop Guild War Battle /requests (on/off) - Toggles requests for duels, party and trade /whisper (on/off) - Whisper function on/off /srvinfo - Displays server information: Server Time, Server Name, Server Code, Players Online /charinfo - Displays character info /clearbag - Clears inventory from all items, keeps equipped items, inventory, money and ruud, NOTE: keep it safe as it may be used very vulnerable way. /clearinv - clear equipped items, inventory, zen and ruud from character, NOTE: keep it safe as it may be used very vulnerable way /crew - Displays Game Masters online /scramble <answer> - Command for scramble event allowing to provide an answer