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Event Monsters

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Event Monsters

Event Monsters spawn in different locations and give certain items and RUUD. 

250x Gold Rabbit: Kanturu, Aida, Tarkan, Losttower, Atlans
30x Moon Rabbit: Atlans, Aida, Kanturu, Swamp of Calmness, Nars, Ferea
40x Pouch of Blessing: Losttower, Icarus, Kalima 5, Aida
40x Fire Flame Ghost: Raklion, Swamp of Calmness, Kanturu Ruins, Kalima 7
50x Golden Goblins: Kanturu Ruins, Aida, Tarkan, Akeron, Karutan1, Karutan 2

Drop by Event Monsters:
Gold Rabbit: 90% for 100 ruud, 10% for Were Rabbit Egg
Moon Rabbit: 90% for 200 ruud, 10% for Were Rabbit Egg
Pouch of Blessing: 90% for 200 ruud, 10% for Lucky bag Egg
Fire Flame Ghost: 90% for 200 ruud, 10% for Fire Flame Ghost Egg
Golden Goblins: Titan's Anger



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